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Welcome to 
Eclipse Marine, Mossel Bay, South Africa
Manufacturers of the Eclipse Offshore Fishing Boat Range.


About Eclipse Marine

Eclipse Marine evolved from St Blaize Marine, previously located at N2 Industria, Voorbaai, and now situated at Mosdustria

Ian Barnard’s boat design and intellectual property invested in the ECLIPSE Boating brand, derives from his early interest in the science of maritime technologies. At the age of 16, Ian joined the navy for naval military service. Then, set out for Mossel Bay in the Southern Cape to join his father in the commercial fishing industry. Ian began the prospect of pursuing his life-long passion for boating as a boat builder, to be known as St Blaize Marine and now registered as Eclipse Marine.

Hentie Wentzel joined forces with Ian Barnard early in 2024. Herewith, broadening horizons and attracting investment as to capitalise on the unique designs that Ian have already trialled and tested, with 50 plus vessels to prove his legend. This all derived from his undertaking of designing the curved aesthetics that co-characterize the boat alongside its performance.

About The first finished Eclipse 680 had her launch in Mossel Bay. She quickly spirited away to Mozambique for a month-long sea trial testing and there startled repeatedly astound onlookers, long time boating enthusiasts and even Ian himself. Word of this new design got out and soon like renowned boating magazine Leisure Boating, called to review the design. A write-up can be viewed on the Leisure Boating website, by clicking here.

Today, there are Eclipse vessels housed in the RSA, Zimbabwe, USA, Australia, Mauritius, and Mozambique. With 12 models and more in bound, Eclipse Marine continues to be a renowned brand in leisure boating. Our marketing drive are now being built on the successes and satisfaction of existing owners around the globe. 4 hull sizes and three models per hull size, describes the investment done into research and technologies of decent boating.

Furthermore, the success of the Eclipse hull designs has led to the company obtaining the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) dealership in Mossel Bay for Mercury, Lowrance, Raymarine and Garmin. Further associations with Suzuki, by name of Dawie Urtel, of Sodwana are also demonstrated.


Eclipse 680 Video Clips